Portrait with TamĂĄs Zsolt




Zsolt TamĂĄs


Hungarian of 38 years olds this alway' s kind athlete... Zsolt Tamas is our second portrait of IUTA ultratriathlete. 

Zsolt ( Tamas for all of his friends ) live in BonyhĂ d near Pecs in the south of Hungary with his wife and 3 childs of 15, 11 and 3 years olds. 


Zsolt start to practice triathlon in 1991 and tasted ultra triathlon thirdteen years later in 2004. 

He had a good background of sport when he started athletic in the beginning of 80s and also he like to play basketball. 

This culinar adept of mexican food and orange juice listen most of the time soul and reggea music. 

He also like to read books about sports and ...zoology ! 

His two favorite movie his “Starwar” and like a lot of triathlete and runner, “ Forrest Gump” an inescapable movie ! 



His career now: This year was his most successful year of competition with the first place in the World Cup Series and already after his 10X10 Iron-Triathlon in Mexico he was receive with large pump when he was coming back in his country. It was absolutely a splendid moment in his career of athlete. 

This altruism athlet did a symbolic gest with lot of emotion in the last Double Ironman World Championship in Austria when he gave his finish trophee to the daughter of Otto Klauninger who died tragically in october 2006. 

During a few second the silence was omnipresent and everybody was in communion with Zsolt. A great moment of sport...made by a great athlete! 

When we ask Zsolt why he do that kind of sport he have a simple respond for us : “ i do ultra triathlon for the feelings that it give to me... the emotions, the limit i have to reach ...the success... for friendship naturally and psychic force. 

His best souvenir; the double Ironman in Lithuania with the big crew and incredible atmosphere and he want to make again this kind of race in his country...he' s trying to organise a Double Ironman in his city BonyhĂ d this year next august... 

Zsolt like a lot of athlet have an idol in our sport...the only and unique Guy ROSSI from France. 

This year he expect to go in Canada for the World Championship of Double Ironman and also in Mexico next november for the Decatriathlon World Challenge. 

Zsolt from the big family of ultra triathlet all over the world we like to congratulate you for you' re first place in 2007 and wish you all the luck for you' re next race and all project and goal. 

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